What We Do

Strategy & Operationalization

Our strategy development and implementation include: (i) Developing new strategies; (ii) Conducting strategy refreshers; (iii) Developing result frameworks and work plans and (iv) Supporting implementation at the early stages, ensuring we build the technical capacity of staff/ teams to deliver.

Design & facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes

Multi- stakeholder processes can be big or small and may include community, cross-sectoral, regional to continental convenings involving different stakeholders at all levels from the president or minister to the farmer or trade, both private and public sector.

Partnership Development

Through leveraging our wide network, facilitating conversation across Africa and years of experience, ECI-Africa has been able to foster the development of various partnerships. Our partnership development model include:…

Leadership and Team Development

Our Leadership and Team Development support focuses on: Leadership and Personal Mastery, Group Facilitation Skills Training and Participatory Methods. The process is aimed at creating a facilitative, supportive and enjoyable work environment…

M&E & Institutional Analysis

Monitoring and Evaluation are part and parcel with project implementation to ensure the goals of the projects are being achieved and continuous learning is embedded to adjust implementation plan accordingly while operating within the project scope.

Project Development & Implementation

We aim to develop and implement projects which are demand driven and have impact. The projects we have developed and implemented range from research, community projects, leadership and learning activities among others.